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First State Bank, Yoakum and branch, Community Bank of Moulton, are pleased to offer convenient on-site access to investment products and services through Investment Professionals, Inc. (“IPI”) and their financial consultant, Guy James.      
IPI is a San Antonio-based provider who really understands the needs of people in community settings.  For over 17 years the firm has been known for its down-to-earth, roll-up-your-sleeves approach to helping clients achieve a more secure financial future. 
Call Today to Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation 
We invite you to visit with Guy in our Yoakum or Moulton locations at no cost to you.  He will answer important questions that can affect your long-term financial security.  Individual services or comprehensive planning is available based on your preferences and comfort level¹.   
Contact Christine Zimmermann, Administrative Assistant, today at (361) 293-9231 to schedule an appointment with Guy in either location. 
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With a current ratio of 4 to 1 (four times more assets than liabilities), IPI has a strong balance sheet that makes us stronger than many of the broker/dealers in the country.  In 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2001, IPI was named the Most Highly Rated Bank Brokerage Firm ² in the U.S.  
¹ In most cases the initial consultation is complimentary. Fees for your financial plan are determined by the level of service requested, your needs and the experience and credentials of the Financial Planner.  
² Source: 1997 through 2008 national “Studies of Bank Brokerage and Retail Investment Services” conducted by American Brokerage Consultants (ABC), St. Petersburg, FL., and Bank Investment Consultant Magazine (BIC), New York, NY. In the most recent 2008 national study, a total of 2,024 banks offering retail investment programs were surveyed. A total of 14.6% of the banks who were surveyed responded to the 2008 survey.  Individual banks were asked to rank their specific investment program in the ABC survey; responder results were aggregated and compared against the results of all brokers dealers in the survey. Past ranking performance may not be indicative of future ranking performance. IPI has been honored with the #1 ranking in three out of the most recent four surveys conducted by ABC. 
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