The following are instructions for money being wired to your account at First State Bank, Yoakum: 
Domestic Wires: 
Receiver Bank: TIB Dallas, TX  ABA # 111010170 
Beneficiary Bank: First State Bank, Yoakum ABA #114917924 
Final Credit will be to your Name, address, and First State Bank account number. 
Waiting for your check in the mail or wondering where it might be?  Enjoy the security and worry-free convenience of direct deposit.  With direct deposit, your checking or savings account will be credit automatically, so you can be sure your funds will be there when you need it!  Call our new accounts departments for more information. 
To set up direct deposit for your Social Security check or SSI check, sign up with GO Direct by calling 1-800-333-1795 or visit 
Make a deposit, loan payments or drop off important papers any time-day or night-with our convenient, secure night depository located at our main office or our branch office in Moulton. 
We can help you save by automatically transferring a pre-determined amount of money from your checking to your savings account on a monthly basis. You may also use this feature for overdraft protection.  Simply set up your savings account as a transfer account to your checking and if you accidentally overdraw your account, increments of $50 will be transferred to cover the overdraft amount.  You may also use this service to make your loan payments each month. 
For a small fee, get a printout of all deposits and withdrawals from your account at any time without having to wait for your next scheduled statement.  Simply stop by and ask for an account activity printout. 
Use a cashier’s check on occasions when a check will not be accepted. 
As a customer you may use a cashier's check instead of a personal check to guarantee that your funds for payment are available. A cashier's check is secured because the amount of the check must first be deposited by the individual into the issuing institution's own account. The person or entity to whom the check is made out is then guaranteed to receive the money when cashing the check. 
Rent a safe deposit box to help protect valuables such as jewelry, family treasures, important documents against fire, theft and other disasters. 
Safe deposit boxes are located at our home office and branch location.  Size and availability may vary at each location. 
** Safe deposit boxes not available at our Victoria branch location, Community Bank of Victoria. 
                                          ON-LINE SERVICES 
24-Hour Tele-Bank Line 
Local calling area 361-293-7886 
Long Distance 1-888-372-9121 
With our tele-bank information line, reviewing your accounts is just a phone call away! 
In order to access this service, all you need is your customer number and your security code. This service features: 

  • Checking and savings balance and history
  • Able to access the last 10 deposits and withdrawals from your checking or savings account.
  • CD information such as maturity, interest payment due date, and total interest paid YTD.
  • Transfer funds.
  • Make loan payments
  • Loan information such as balance, payment due date, amount of payment, and interest paid.
    Please call one of our account representatives to sign up today. 

  • We’re just a click away 24 hours a day at  Enjoy hassle-free banking in the convenience of your home or anywhere you have an internet connection!
  • Check balances on your accounts.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Ability to view and print your check images.
  • Loan payments and loan transaction history
  • Certificate of Deposit information
  • Set up personal preferences such as account names, personal setting to view selected accounts,etc.
  • Downloads to Quicken and older versions.
  • Call our account representatives for more information. 
    Sign up today by completing the application and mailing to our office. 
    Click here to download and print a personal application. 
    Click here to download and print a business application. 
    Take us with you! Enjoy banking with us on-the-go with our New mobile banking and banking apps! Our online banking and mobile banking now offers real-time transactions so you will get the most up-to-date balance on your account. Also enjoy our newest feature of having the ability to view your loan transaction history. Other features on mobile banking include the ability to view check images, transfer funds between accounts, and receive account alerts right to your phone.  
    Now you can take us with you, safely and securely, wherever you go.  
    For our Iphone and Android phone users, you can now download our new banking apps from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Download the mobile banking apps on your devices by searching on Google Play or the Apple Store for "First State Bank Yoakum" or "FSBY Mobile Banking". 
    At this time, if you want to download our app on your IPAD you will need to have your IPAD setting on "iphone only" in order to do this.  This will be fixed in the next few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
    Go to on your mobile device and click "Internet banking" and log on to your account with your user id and password as you would when you use online banking on your computer. 
    Mobile banking security tips 
    Using your mobile device to manage your account is convenient and saves you time, but you do need to make sure it is secure.  Below are a few tips to keep your banking safeguarded. 
  • Treat your mobile device or tablet just like your debit card.  If it is lost or stolen and you have not protected it properly, your information may be at risk. Always store your phone in a safe place.
  • Only download and install First State Bank apps from Google Play Store and Apple Ap store.
  • Always lock your device. If your device has a locking feature, such as a tracing pattern or inserting a PIN, be sure to use it.  It might slow you down each time BUT the extra security may be enough to keep someone form accessing your account before you can report it missing or stolen.
  • Don't share your user id or password with anyone.
  • DO NOT use public or unprotected WIFI to perform any banking transaction even checking a balance.  Public connections such as hotels, restaurants are not very secure.  Always use your phone or tablet's network.
  • Always log out of mobile banking or your banking app when you are not using it.
  • Delete text message with account information once you have read it.

  • If you have any questions about security features available on your phone, please contact your mobile carrier service. If you have a question concerning First State Bank mobile banking or our banking apps call 1-800-947-8382. 

    Want an easy, secure way to get your accounts statements?  Sign up for our FREE E-Statements! There is no waiting for our bank to prepare your statement or for the post office to deliver.  E-Statements are ready to view on our secure, online banking site on the day your statement is scheduled.  Also, enjoy viewing your statement the way you want by using the statement preferences menu. 
    What are E-Statements? 
    E-Statements are account statements in a format that is viewable through our secure, on-line banking site. And best of all, they are FREE for any checking or savings account. 
    How do I register for E-Statements? 
    To register for E-Statements, you must first be a First State Bank online banking customer and have an active checking or savings account. 
    1. Logon to your secure online banking account.  
    2. Once logged in, you may click on "Bank Services" and choose "Statements" on the left side of your screen. 
    3. You will then be directed to another page with a drop down box to "Select an Account". You will then select the account you want your statement electronically delivered. You will have to agree to the disclosures and terms and conditions and verify that you can view the PDF document. 
    4. We will receive notification that you signed up and you will receive a "notice email" when your statement(s) is ready to view. You will need to repeat the above steps for each account that you want to receive statements electronically (E-Statement). 
    Do e-statements contain the same information as my paper statements? 
    Yes.  E-statements are required to have the same information as your paper statements. 
    What are the benefits of receiving e-statements? 
    Free, convenient, easy and secure 
    Ability to view, print, download to save statements. 
    Increased protection against identity theft and theft by mail. 
    Do I need special software or equipment to use the e-statement service? 
    In order to view your e-statements, you will need to have a computer, internet access, and a browser that supports 128-bit encryption.  You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher installed on your computer to use the E-Statement service. You may download Adobe Acrobat Reader free at 
    Can E-Statements be printed and saved? 
    Yes. E-Statements are delivered in PDF format and can be easily saved to your hard drive for retrieval anytime. 
    How long will my statements remain on-line? 
    Your account statements will be available on-line for up to 7 years. 
    How will I know when my E-Statement(s) are ready to view?  
    You will receive an email notification (notice e-mail) whenever a new account statement is available for viewing.  
    If an account holder registers for E-Statements, will the primary account holders continue to receive paper statements? 
    No.  Once any account holder, whether primary or secondary, registers for e-statements through online banking, all paper statements will be discontinued.  However, each account holder that has access to on-line banking, should be able to view the statement on-line.  
    What do I do if my email address changes? 
    You may notify us by email using the contact form on our website,  the online banking site, or contacting the New Accounts Department at 361-293-3572.  If the email notification is returned as undeliverable, we will try to contact you.  If we are unable to contact you, we have the right to change your e-statements back to paper statements sent by the US Mail. 
    Any questions?   
    Please do not hesitate to contact our new accounts department at 361-293-3572 or contact our branch office, Community Bank of Moulton at 361-596-4616.  
    Online bill pay gives you the freedom to enjoy life.  Heres's how it means more convenience, savings and security for YOU! 
  • Receive and pay your bills electronically all in one place and all from your      computer.
  • Make your payments anywhere, anytime, even when your traveling.
  • Receive E-Notifications that let you know when payments are due or a bill has been paid.
  • The ability to schedule payments in advance to accommodate your plans.

  • Save on stamps, envelopes and trips to the post office because your payments are online and not through the mail.
  • Save on checks by making your payments electronically.
  • Save money with no late fees because you can schedule payments every month.
  • Guard against identity theft from lost or stolen checkbooks and bills by receiving and paying your bills online instead of by unsecured mail.
  • Increase your privacy because only you can access your account information, account numbers, and payment history.
  • Check your account status to securely confirm that payments went through in just a few clicks.
    1.  Login to your secure, online banking account at 
    2.  Click on "Account Services" on the left side of your screen and then choose 'Bill Payment". 
    3. This will take you to the IPAY page and you will enter your email address and the account number you wish to use to pay your bills. Then you will click "Get Started". 
    If you have any problems or questions, please contact one of our new account representatives or send us a message. 
    Planning to buy a savings bond?   
    Paper savings bonds will no longer be sold at financial institutions after December 31, 2011. But they are not going away, electronic savings bonds can be purchased online through Treasury Direct. 
    Already have savings bonds? 
    Existing paper bonds are still valid and will earn interest for 30 years from the issue date or until redeemed.  You can continue to cash savings bonds here. 
    Open a free Treasury Direct account today! 
    With Treasury Direct,  you can safely and securely: 

  • Buy, manage and redeem electronic savings bonds
  • Convert paper savings bonds to electronic
  • Purchase electronic savings bonds as gifts.
  • Purchase other Treasury securities, including bills, notes, bonds, TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities)
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